On set


Julia just shot her first american feature called "Bullet" in Los Angeles, produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nick Lyon.

As a Badass lawyer who is involved in the gangster cartel around Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad), she gets the darkest gangsters out of prison and finds herself chased by a dangerous undercover cop, played by Danny Trejo (Machete), and falling for the guy who is in prison, waiting in the "Death Penalty" cell.


Julia will play the lead "Christa" in the american-german dancefilm called "The perfect dance".



After shooting "Iron Sky" in Australia Julia returned to Europe to shoot the Mafiafilm "Geisterfahrer" in Genova, Italy. She plays Lola, the wife of the Mafiaboss (Uwe Ochsenknecht). Also starring Tobias Moretti, Fahri Yardim and Sophie von Kessel. The director is Lars Becker.